Science 科学

1. Use of GoogleSite for Science Learning

Students, in groups, create their group GoogleSite to be their learning journal.
The learning journal documents their learning activities (including experiments) and their findings. It also links to a respository of handouts and notes for the programme

Link to S1-01 Cold Storage Group

2. Investigation with Simulation Tools

In the introductory lesson of the topic, Energy and Conservation, students predict the change of energy as an object moves to different height, as well as the kinds of forces acting on the object.

To test their hypothesis, students use the simulation tool, Phet Energy Skate Park to explore the how kinetic energy, potential energy and friction forces change when the skater moves across the tracks by changing various parameters. In the simulation, they could also create their own tracks, ramps and jumps for the skater to test out various possible scenarios.

The graphic visuals enable students visualise how energy changes from one form to another. Based on the data recorded in a worksheet, they compare and draw conclusions of the concept before revisiting their hypothesis to discuss their misconceptions and assumptions.

Below is a glimpse of how the simulation tool looks like: