Integrated Humanities 人文 (历史、地理)

1. eJournal for Geography
For Geography, teachers re-organised the learning materials to be taught in the curriculum. To allow students to personalised their learning materials, teachers create templates for each topic of a lesson using Pages. Students document what they learn during the lesson in this eJournal template. On top of this, they also incorporate online materials (e.g. video clips, maps, photos) that they find useful and relevant for their learning. This also allows students personalise the materials to suit their learning needs.

2. Getting to know our neighbourhood
eLearning activity for Integrated Humanities for Sec 1 (2011)
During the eLearning week, students were tasked to identify a park in or near their housing estate where they could find out the history and role of the park in the community. In turn, they create a travelogue to document their findings so that this could be shared as an informative site to visitors to the park.

    3. Change and Continuity in Humanities
    eLearning activity for Integrated Humanities for Sec 2 (2011)
    In this eLearning activity, students carried out a series of learning activities in groups at the Singapore River area, applying their map sketching skills to gain a personal experience in documenting the shape of the river and made a comparison to what they drew out with the actual shape (at the GoogleMap). Along the way, they also noted down significant landmarks related to the civilisation at the Singapore River in its early days before they proceed to the Asian Civilisation Museum to learn more in depth one of the world early civilisation. The learning and reflection were documented in the group blog.

    The eLearning Task

    A sketch of the shape of the Singapore River.

    Making a comparison with the actual shape (taken from GoogleMap)

    Examples of the documentation of the learning activities