Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) 美术、设计、媒体与科技

1. The Environment Challenge 
Showcase of Sec 1 Projects - The Environment Challenge
These animated clips are the culmination of the students' team efforts in the first semester in uncovering their understanding of the theme 'The Environmental Challenge: Energy Conservation'.

Through research, students uncover the various problems and issues relating to the environment, in particular, areas related to Energy Conservation. They brainstorm and put their areas across on sketches and story boards. In the process, they also incorporate skills they learnt in stop-motion photography to communicate the message through a 1-minute animated clip.

2. Architectural Design: Spaces and Layouts
Showcase of Sec 2 Projects - Architectural Design: Spaces and Layouts
The masterpieces of SST's very own Moshe Safdie and Frank Gehry. Sec 2 students were tasked to work on the project on the theme, re(Design) - Architectural Design: Spaces and Layouts.

3. The Elderly Challenge
Showcase of Sec 1 Projects - The Elderly Challenge
In this project that spanned across 2 school terms, the primary aim of this effort is to propose an elderly-friendly product experience. Elements of innovation, entrepreneurship and media literacy were weaved into the journey of this project, which is in line with SST's holistic approach on applied learning. In the course of completing this project, students learnt and empathsize with the challenges faced by the elderly in the context of a developed country like Singapore, the students would be more aware of the situation and future environment that they are in, and would be in subsequently.

4. Peer Feedback on Ideas
Students provide feedback to the storyboards posted by their peers in the class ADMT Blog.

5. Unleashing creativity
This was a task assigned to students after they were given an introduction of attributes of good design. They were to source for 2 products/objects around them (at home) and present the problems of design of these 2 products in their blog.

An example: "Two Bad Designs" by Hardy Sein (2010, S1-09)